Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wanna get Goat faced at the shit Bar???

Check out the specials :)

You know you wanna................ So what are you doing tonight?

Here's to starting the week off right!!!

Had a wonderful evening full of old friends and then went to The Bar and met up with R&WP and WIDD. It was SO crowded after the big Wolfpack win!!! I haven't seen The Bar like that in quite awhile. I tried with no success to find someone, even with constant texting and standing on my chair. We finally gave up and just chatted on the phone for a bit after we left for home. I'll tell you more about him another time :) But it's so fun the people you run into and didn't know were there, and yet you can't find the people you came to meet up with!! Haha... Oh Raleighwood.. I heart you right now!!!


Lisa said...

That is the best post title EVER! I had NO IDEA you were a Raleigh girl, too!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you all had a great time. Next time, let me know I would love to go with you all :)