Monday, October 26, 2009

Priorities and The Pig

Two big fat P's seem to be hanging over my head lately. Priorities: I should be working on my homework that is due tomorrow and Wednesday evening in both my classes, but it almost seems too daunting and I just don't know where to start. I came home and knew I needed to get right to work, but was easily swayed by the idea of a 'short' cat nap. 2 hours later, well, it was dinner time, isn't that a priority. So here I sit, still procrastinating (another darn P), but atleast I have my notebook, books, and syllabus in front of me. It's not that I don't want to do it, or that I can't do it, I just seem to be a little burned out from the past 11 months of grad school that I know I'll get it done, so why stress. I wish I was getting the grades in undergrad that I'm getting now and I wish I had the freedom and time I had in college. Always greener....... But atleast I know this 'P' is of my own creation, I do have control over it, and I better get my act together. The other 'P', however, is sadly far far out of my control. The Pig (aka: swine flu): I had the regular flu about a month ago. I shouldn't have been at school on Monday, got the fever that evening, did not break the fever until late Wednesday night, went to school on Thursday for about an hour, and then came home with another fever (I know I know), before actually almost staying the whole day on Friday. I still used much of the weekend to recuperate, so it was a solid 6 days for me. Now fast forward 3 weeks. Picture my classroom. I'm so anxious for the kiddies to come in and tell me all about the end of last week and their weekend. I was out Thursday and Friday (a later blog) from school for a wedding and missed our very first field trip. Though some very interesting things happened that I'm not sad to have missed (projectile vomitting), I was anxious to hear how they felt about it. But last Wednesday we had 8 students out of my 22 absent. Yes, over a third of my class, sick. AWESOME. So I was hoping they would all be healthy, happy, and present. Well, not so much, atleast there weren't AS many absent today. Atleast, in the beginning. I sent a student home shortly after lunch with a fever, so we were back to 8 absent. UGH... I know they do not ALL have swine flu, but it doesn't matter!! We wash our hands, with soap, and we count. We use tissues, we wipe down tables AND chairs, we don't use the water fountains in the halls (we have one in our room which we wipe down and have practice NOT touching with our mouths (I can only control so many)... So why is my class dropping like flies. Most other classes have at most 2-4 kids out. What am I doing wrong?!?! It's driving me NUTS!!! This is NOT a fun post, and I hate that, but I'm working my way back into this so.. well, Baby Steps.. Now whenever someone says that, know it's just a bunch of BS... clever aren't I????

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Enough is enough...

I'm coming back.. I thought we were phasing out, but I just can't do it anymore. I miss writing. Whether people actually really read and/or enjoy my writing, I enjoy it, and we all need to have something in our lives, that we can claim to be completely selfish about. I (sometimes) like knowing that I need to set aside a few minutes to sit down and write.... This all came to me last night when I was finishing up some homework and decided I just needed to get away from it all. I threw on some unnecessarily dark clothing (need some new running clothes if I keep doing this at night), threw the phone on the bed, grabbed the IPod and ran out of the house. About an hour later (I KNOW RIGHT?!), I came back in to my exceptionally warm house (it was gross to be honest), and felt amazing. I'm not saying I ran the whole time, let's not get ahead of ourselves now. But I enjoyed walking/running around my (new) neighborhood and seeing all the Halloween/fall decorations. I figured enough is enough. Get my act together, on so many different fronts, and let's get moving...

Here's to fall, getting our acts together, and enough simply being enough