Friday, November 13, 2009


Go Maroons!!

Off to EHS for the weekend with R&WP. Go Highschool!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I have 5 minutes....

To all you teachers out there...

I have been lucky enough to be deemed one of the more flexible, go with the flow (shocking I know), try new things Kindergarten teachers at my school. Just a few weeks ago, I had our Technology assistant come up to me and ask if I would like a SMARTBoard in my classroom. I of course just assumed it was a rhetorical question or perhaps she was taking a poll. We had just bought 1 with school funds that resided in one of our computer labs, but I knew for a fact, not many people used it. When I said, of course, I love using them in my grad classes at night, there are so many interesting and fun things you can do with them, etc etc... she responded with: "Fabulous, could you stay a few minutes after school today and I'll bring it down?".. SAY WHAT!! So for the past 2 weeks, we rearranged, discussed with the class, eased ourselves into it's use, and had a lot of research time for Ms. T at home trying to find fun and interesting, Kindergarten appropriate activities. There is a plethura of materials out there, so I shouldn't really need to ask, but my mantra as a teacher truly is "don't reinvent the wheel".

Do you have any fun activities that could be used, do you have experience using it in your classroom, what has not worked, let me know! I'm so excited and right now we're still working out some kinks of where to have it (life would be SO much easier if I had a ceiling mounted projector), etc etc! THANKS!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

E-E-E-H-S and a haircut

6 days until I get to go back to the 'Holy Hill' and relive some glory days. I'll be sure to have the camera up and running by then :)

Before all that, I've been pining away for a haircut. Money is super tight, so I've been holding off and shelling out the dollar dollar bills for it. The difference this time, is that I want a real haircut. I feel like I need to grow away from the long straight hair with nothing to it. Once upon a time I suppose you could say I had long layers in it and those swoopy side bangs, but everything is long grown out and just plain LONG. It's so long. It's at that point where if I don't see someone for a week or so and they see my hair, without fail they comment on how long it is. It's exhausting, it's heavy, and it takes forrrrrreevvvvvveeerrrrr to wash and dry. My whole life I've been in the roller coaster trend of hair. It gets long, I chop it off and then grow it out until I chop it off then grow it out.................

So my question to all you out there, I want to keep the length, but I want to put a little something something into it without requiring a lot of effort to maintain. Does that make sense? So what would I tell the stylist to make sure I'm getting my point across?

Monday, November 2, 2009

H20 Overload

This morning while (very lazily and slowly) getting ready for school, I was watching Good Morning America. They had a short segment about a young woman, mother of 3 children I believe, that entered a radio contest. The contest was to see who could drink the most water and last the longest without peeing. The winner would go home with a Wii. The contestants all drank about 2 gallons of water in about a 3 hour period without going to the bathroom. Before the end of the contest, this young woman was already complaining of difficulty breathing, a headache, and being lightheaded. Nurses and others were calling in to the radio show saying you could die from water intoxication. I had never heard of this. I had been threatened as a young child that if I did not pee before a long trip (and my parents were not going to pull over if I didn't atleast try before we left), and I held it for a long time, my bladder could explode. Well, this put a whole new twist to it. Just hours after the contest, this young woman dies at home. Now, I'm not writing this to try and ruffle some feathers or start a debate about whether her family should have won a settlement or not, BUT just to point out another tidbit I've mulled over in the past. They tell us to drink drink drink drink drink water. And yet, you really seriously can drink too much. They say to take vitamins everyday! but you can seriously take too many. I think when it comes to your health and what you should do, you should, just like any other information, take it with a grain of salt (and a margarita if it's handy), and do what feels right for you. May we all find the middle ground, the perfect balance, a healthy lifestyle, and a good glass of wine.

Can you tell this teacher is in need of an adult beverage?? And it's only Monday... oh me..