Friday, February 19, 2010



Yes, beer on a porch is a little redneck. BUT, hear me out. I was having a slumber party at a friend's house while the husband was out of town. We were all bringing over beer, eating pizza, watching movies, playing games, and maybe even throw in painting our nails. But since a lot of us were crashing, and I wanted to make sure I slept on something somewhat comfortable, I was bringing a lot. I had an air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, my overnight bag, a bag of groceries with chips and salsa in it, AND a whole case of beer. Now my friend, CLJ, lives in this older community, with lots of little sidestreets with 3 or 4 houses on it, no sidewalks, either older couples or really young families. It's also VERY hilly. I turn off onto her cul-de-sac (with a grand total of4 houses on it), no street lights, no sidewalk, and her long, steep up hill driveway. Now, the list above of stuff, I decided to carry all at once. I figured just pile it on, one trip, DONE. I get it all together, start walking up the driveway, halfway through I'm losing circulation, but refuse to give up. I finally make it to the front door and it takes most of the strength I have left not to DROP the beer on the porch. I put it down so I can open the door and go inside. It was cold, I figured it be ok for a few minutes while I get settled, etc. Everyone starts showing up, we order the pizza, pizza comes very quickly, woooooo time for a beer!!!

Ummm, guys, where's my beer???

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The pizza delivery boy stole my case of beer off the porch.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 3

Here we are. Raleigh, NC. Day 3 of the completely (un)necessary house arrest. The storm has passed us now (4 days ago). You can barely see (the snow on) the roads. There is a massive amount of snow left everywhere.. almost half an inch.. in some spots. The wind blowing is an intense calm. And the sky, oh the foreboding winter sky, of partly sunny. Do I dare venture outside?!?! Yes, I bundle up in my tshirt and jeans and bravely force open the (barely used lately) front door. GASP! My skin, I can hardly handle this blistery temperature of 40 degrees and rising. Oh the humanity. OH Wake County Public Schools. How could I have ever doubted your decision to cancel classes for the 3rd day in a row. Monday, I saw the reasoning and embraced your decision. Tuesday, I openly mocked you, but occasionally gave in to your will. But today, today oh what have you done to us. Thank you, thank you, for taking away the workday the day after my birthday. THANK YOU, for adding a day to the end of the year. And then for today, thank you, for taking away, a day from my spring break. I truly do not know how I will every repay you for looking out for our safety in such a manner.

So here's to you school board. Hope you slept in today.

***** Please do not take this as bitter and cynical as it blatantly is. I love sleeping in, I love snow, but I also love my kids and I LOVE my spring break. I'm just bored and sarcastic as hell.