Friday, July 30, 2010

"just so we're even"

Just had to share this little story. Bman(really need to get a new name) is at the beach with his family and one of his best friends joined them for the week. Since we are still a fledgling whatever we are, the idea of bringing me to the beach where his mother was, well, I saw the panic in his eyes and I said FEAR NOT. BUT, it was raining yesterday at the beach and just gorgeous here and I was sitting at the pool with KR (bestest neighbor ever) for about 5 hours. I sent him the classic picture of my view point including my legs and the pool and the beautiful blue sky. Apparently he didn't appreciate that very, and wanted a picture from the waste up (if you know what I mean), seeing how I was in a bathing suit. WELL, I am not that kind of girl, but I'm all high on endorphins of lovey dovey whatever, so I did it.. As soon as I pushed send on my phone I immediately regretted it and was annoyed with myself. He must have sensed that and after a long luxurious dip in the pool trying to forget how silly I'd just been, I come back to my phone and there is a picture of him, from the waste up, with the caption... "just so we're even".

How can someone you've known barely a month know you so well?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bless MY heart

So throughout my blogging time there has been a smattering of boy talk. There have been very hopeful highs and then quickly deleted lows. Right now, you could say I'm floating up there around a pretty decent high. I met a boy. He is smart, handsome, tall!, soo funny, so sweet and caring, beyond sincere and honest, and I'm pretty sure he likes me too. We've only gone on a few dates and they may not seem grand or utterly romantic, but I never knew what it was like to have 2 people so at ease and on the same wavelength. Our first 'date' was to see 'Oceans', the Disney version of Planet Earth type stuff. I was a little nervous, it was a group setting and to be honest wasn't entirely sure if this was a 'date' or not. But he made a point to sit next to me and my skin was absolutely on fire every time our arms would touch. There was one point in the film, you definitely had to be there, but we both turned to each other at the exact same moment and made the same joke. We couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes and I know we annoyed some around us. I was giddy. He later admitted it was at this point he wanted to kiss me and couldn't focus on the rest of the movie.. awwwww.. He doesn't live in Raleigh, so I wasn't sure when we'd be able to get together again, but as a teacher on summer break, it helps that I'm about as flexible as it can get. About a week after our first 'date', he calls me one morning after we were on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, and says, "I'll be in town at this time and we're going to see this movie at this time after dinner... I'll pick you up". Perhaps cuz I'm just not used to guys liking me and actually taking me out, I didn't pick up on the whole fact that he was driving an hour and a half to Raleigh, just for me, had made no plans with any of his friends or family, and didn't plan on making them. And what movie was he taking me to see; Toy Story 3!! I had been whining incessantly about how all the kids I know had already seen it and I really wanted to. So we went :) and it was cute and we held hands the whole time and when my eyes kinda teared up at the end, well, it was just cute, ok. Then, the next day, when all my walls really started crumbling, he took me to meet his dog (that his dad now takes care of), and after meeting Buddy, he said we have another stop! We were going to the SPCA to play with puppies. Some of you may be gagging, some of you may be saying 'awwwwww', and I'm right in the middle, hahaha. I had the best time and I think we were so ourselves during our time there, rolling around playing, picking our favorite dogs, and in the end I was almost worried we were coming home with our first son, an all white puppy we named Sam. This may sound all good and dandy, but it's hard with our pasts never seeming to get away from us and not living in the same town, but we have both acknowledged this and I'm doing my best to be fun and flexible. It's hard for me, real hard, you have no idea... because I like him a whole lot, a lot a lot, and that's scary as hell. But for now, he is my new man friend, and we shall call him B Boy (I don't love the name, but I can't think of anything else now, so deal).

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yep, that's what I've been this summer.. NOT unemployed, Funemployed..

So that's why I had to get my act together, get to the pool, get some tanning on and some highlights in the hair because for being funemployed I was looking AND feeling a little washed out. I have had some great alone time at the pool, alone time with my thoughts and getting my head straight and other things just figured out. (on a random LIVE sidenote, I'm sitting here at my dining room table in shorts and a bikini top and some guy drove by in his truck and was definitely just staring at me and then waved... damn, I always forget people can see me...) So I'm getting ready to head back to the pool because come the weekend it's just way too crowded, as in, other people might actually be there. I have loved being alone in my little oasis. This is all thanks to BitP. She may not know it but this is exactly what I needed and though I wish more than anything she could take a little stay-cation and come to the pool with me, it makes me happy because once again without even doing anything she is giving me exactly what I needed..

SO, enough talk, I'm wasting precious pool/sun time..... BUT, I'll be back this evening with updates on the boy :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alright, I'm getting a little better

So I've thought about blogging all week! Just haven't gotten to it until now, my lazy Sunday. One day I had a fever of 101 (so weird, so random). Two days I was in Chapel Hill for a teacher workshop, 2 days I tutored and babysat. Had a dinner date with an old friend. Had a REAL date (more on that in another post). All around a good week. BUT, I promised pictures :)

This is a link to the pictures that Laura took at my 4th of July gathering at my house (love the bungalow at party times, she always looks so good!). laura is a wonderful photographer, please check out the rest of her pictures!

Sadly, I did not take pictures but other people took tons, but thanks to facebook I can't steal them anymore so I have to actually interact with the people and ask them to email me or something along those lines. geeeeez ;)

Look at the Bungalow all decked out!! Got lots of red, white, and blue going on! Two of my best friends in the pictures, and coolers full of beer!! You can even see my Volvo!! Wooo America!

Thanks Laura and everyone for taking lots of pictures....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Freedom Weekend!!!

Sunday is our annual Kickball and Freedom loving day in honor of the 4th. We drink, we eat, we play kickball and other games and just love on America. I'll be sure to take some fun pictures!