Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bringing it back

Life has been crazy beautiful. I've found I have missed this work of endlessly rambling about anything and everything. I thought it was time to do something all for me. I may be the only one that ever reads this, and that's ok with me. When I'm home on my computer and not lying here on a sofa at my nanny job trying not to fall asleep while the kids have play dates, I plan on updating on life. The long version short; I'm on summer break heading back to Kindergarten in August, second year as team lead, V and I are engaged and loving happily in Apex, and very busy planning our wedding for this November. Look for all of that and more soon!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

As of late....

Having lots of time on my hands this summer I've spent many hours poolside.  Getting tan is a HUGE perk of summer.  I've been trying to go through the closet and wear things that have been in hiding for a long time (ever).  One of my new favorite items are my white shorts.  I've worn them casually during the day while babysitting to a night out on the town.  Seriously, love them.  

Next major mission.... going through all my dresses and being honest about which ones I'll actually wear again.. :(

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summa summa summa time

Yesterday was a great day. Some friends that hadn't been all together in quite awhile were able to spend the day poolside.  I loved being out there and completely at home and in love with the people there.  With everything going on, or with everything that ISN'T happening, I was very happy to just be.

If you're reading this, thank you for making someone in your life smile.  Those are the moments we live for. xoxo

Monday, September 5, 2011

I love 3 day weekends

Unemployment + phone call/interview/job offer in 1 day + 2 days off in 15 days = LOVING MY 3 DAY WEEKEND.

Weight: lost 2 lbs.. this is after gaining 3 the first week I joined the gym, so not sure how that all works out but I have lost 2 lbs from my original starting weight. No noticeable difference except the wonderful fact that I miss the gym when I don't go and I definitely feel better about myself. So I'm loving it

Nails: grown out! Once I get payed (which wont be until the 15th, damn you Wake County) I'm treating myself to a fabulous mani/pedi. I can't wait!

Visiting parents: never happened. But I'm planning on going up to HSC the weekend of the 17th for the first home game to see the lil bro and the parents. Trying to make more family time

Painting: all accomplished! I have a fun project for the dining nook though which I will be taking pictures of as I do them. I'd like to thank the flea market and KR for the motivation and inspiration.

Closets......... well, whatever. Not like anyone but me sees them anyway

Saturday, August 13, 2011

12 days left

I'm not weighing myself until the 25th now. I joined a gym on Wednesday (both TWF and KR go there) and I am loving every minute of it! Fingers crossed that helps. I have been everyday since Wednesday. It's amazing how addicted I already feel!

Closets: still pretty good, downstairs needs some more help.

Kitchen done, bathroom still needs some trim finishing touches.

I bought this nail strengthening/growing polish and I've been slightly better at not biting or picking at them. I think one day this week I'm taking Southern Sunshine's advice and getting the shellac manicure. Supposedly it works better when nails are short! Woop woop!

As far as going to visit the fam, well, that one isn't going to happen. Let me explain why! I GOT A JOB!!!! The secretary called me around noon, for an interview at 3pm on Thursday afternoon. At 5pm I walked out of Bugg Elementary with a job and a tshirt!! I went in yesterday morning for a breakfast with the principal. He also opened up the building today and helped me set up my room! Last year my classroom was used as the in-school-suspension room (awesome). So nothing was in it that needed to be there and a million things are in it that don't need to be there. I'm so excited and I'll still be teaching 1st grade!!! Hollllerrrrr!! So unfortunately meetings, staff development, etc start Monday morning so I all of a sudden don't have time! The mother is NOT pleased.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

11 days in

- NO progress on the growing out nails situation. I think the stress of trying to date someone new, being unemployed (still), and generally just being in a rut, this one is going to take some extra effort

-Weight: 1 lb lost!? Might just be that I haven't eaten much today.. hmmm, damn

-Closets: WELL, I've looked long and hard at the closet downstairs. The closets in my room (I have 2) are coming along great! The smaller closet is very organized right now with shoes, jackets hanging, sweatshirts, sweatpants, fleeces, etc on the shelf, bathing suits in basket, and socks and scarfs, pashminas, etc all in hanging shelves. The big closet is all organized, well, atleast everything that is in it so far. Even down to the fact that dresses are organized by sleeve length and/or designer; Maggy London, Lilly P, etc. Honestly, it has never been this organized and it fully makes me realize just how much clothing I unnecessarily have. Which is why I also have a very large bag full of clothes I'm getting rid of. I did a 'Spring Cleaning' a few months ago but I am straight up purging now. I've given up hope on so many of my clothes that "I'll fit into again one day" and I'm just getting rid of them. So I'm looking at you Junior League of Raleigh ladies, if you want some stuff for the Bargain Box, I won't be hanging onto it long.

- I was planning on going up today to see the fam for a few days, but then I got a babysitting job for Tuesday morning, and I'm watching the B family again from Thursday to Sunday. Maybe the following week. I'm worried it keeps getting put off that I won't get to it, but even if it's just a weekend, I'm going.

- Downstairs bathroom is painted. I need to go back in and touch up the trim but I love it. AND the kitchen is painted! I've painted the backsplash and realized I hated that the cabinets weren't actually white.... so... now they are!! Still a work in progress. When both are finalized, pictures will be shared.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So you would think for as long as I've had this blog, that I would've reached 200 posts before now. Unfortunately, I am a roller coaster blogger; I come, I go, I'm active, I'm MIA. It happens.

I like to make lists. The process of crossing things off of a To-Do list may be one of my all time favorite activities. It really solidifies that somethings is complete. So I thought, in a very public (for all 3 people that might still read this) way, I will make a to-do list, then come back here and cross it off. I'll add a new page and put the list on there so I can easily access it and edit it but I will write it here. This to-do list is all under the assumption that I will have a job and the 1st day of school is August 25th. So I am giving myself 35 days to complete this list or...... well, I suck.

1) Grow out nails... I really need to stop biting them... again
2) Lose 8 lbs.... I mean seriously, I have a treadmill in my room and a pool 10 yards from my front door, no freaking excuses here
3) Visit the parents in VA
4) Organize closets.. all of them.. yes, even the one underneath the stairs
5) Paint bathroom... I think... or kitchen... haven't decided yet.. perhaps both

Now, that is 5 weeks, 5 things to do. Shouldn't be too bad. We shall see how this goes.