Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

This week is spirit week at school. I know I teach Kindergarten, so we're supposed to be into these kinds of days, dress up in teacher christmas sweaters, where all red and pink on Valentines Day, but SPIRIT WEEK people!! Monday, let me tell you, I wore my pajamas and monkey slippers. Tuesday, my hair had a million clips and ribbons and I was definitely channeling Princes Leia. Now for today, I faced a dilema because I have been 1 of maybe 3 or 4 teachers actually participating in Spirit Week. So I toned down my outfit to my gold Jack Rogers, dark blue jeans, superman St. Jude's t-shirt, and long flowing red cape with my gold bangles and a gold headband. The kids love it. You would think in an Elementary School, I wouldn't get stares from other teachers. I love my kids, I'm trying my best to love my job and where I work, so today, I am Super Teacher, loved by all :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch and Blog

Ok, so as you may very well have noticed lately, I like American Idol. Now, as I said, I like it when it has people on it that can sing. I have always wanted to be able to sing. I have been incredibly jealous my whole life of friends that even just sounded decent when they sing. However, I DO NOT. In the shower I occasionally think I don't sound too awful. But there have been times, when I tell myself to just stop, even when alone. So, here I am, watching a tv show full of people I do not know, wishing I could sing half as good as they. I thought as I watch, I might make my witty sarcastic jealousy ridden comments about the show as I think them. Hopefully this isn't too stupid and someone might get a chuckle out of it.

Ryan Seacrest is so short. Not only short, but he has such a little head. I don't know much about him, but wasn't he a nobody before this show. I remember the very first season, there was a co-host. Where is he now?!

YAY David Cook!!!!! Ummm, Andrew Lloyd Webber, this is gonna be a weird night. I mean, I love the music, but who in pop-music sings things songs (or is popular because they do)?? Anyone seen CATS? I used to want to see it so badly when I was young. Never made it.

Can people ever 'smile and nod' and not look completely fake? I do it on a daily basis to my kids. Either it's because I have no idea what they just said; smile and nod. Or it's because what they said makes no sense but they seem excited about it; smile and nod. Or I just want them to walk away; smile and nod. I think the final 6 on American Idol need to work on their 'smile and nod' skills.

My hour recap: See, Syesha can sing. How cute was she. I didn't really know that song but good lord, Memory. He better 'bring the house down' too. I had a little music box that had little kittens and it played this song. Ok, he's good... Red and White Preppy, you were right; when he sings, just something in it. Judges are hating it, but I kinda liked it. WOOPS, big gulps. You can't forget lyrics, you get eaten alive. Maybe she's going home tomorrow?? Didn't like Brooke so much tonight, too bad. I think little teeny-bopper boy is good, but I dont want him to win. Carly, you're cute, fun accent, you have a great time out there, good for you. But, really now, David Cook is coming up. I think I know who my favorite is :) AND I LOVE 'MUSIC OF THE NIGHT'! Come on David, you can do it!! ummm, I still have goosebumps and a tear running down my cheek. That was fantastic. I LOVE HIM!!!

And I'm spent. I think I'll be getting into bed now, possibly watch some lifetime movie that is on. But today wore me out and tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday at school; gotta think of something fun!! Sweet dreams!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Loving afternoon thunderstorms

I had an all over the place weekend. Thursday started it off with an evening at North Hills listening to The Embers. Friday was a day in the sun with all the Kindergarten classes down at NCSU Farm. We petted cows, horses, held baby chicks and rabbits, got in big John Deere tractors and ate fresh icecream. I was thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day, ready for a beak from the chilluns. Friday night was a low key night up at White Oak with friends. Up bright and early for work at Tookie's Toys. Then a couple girls and I went to Lilly's for dinner. SO GOOD!! Then we went back up to White Oak where the fun continued. JPB's younger sister and 3 of her collegiate friends came after the Carrie Underwood show and were drunk. It was fun to stand back and watch, wondering if that's how I acted when drunk and in college as a freshman. Everything is 'high drama'. Sunday I desperately tried to sleep in a little but it was off to work again at Tookies. Leaving straight from there I went to a friends house for he was throwing his girlfriend a "Welcome to Raleigh, thanks for moving here for me, see all my (our) friends party". They are too cute for words and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I ended the evening with fresh sheets on the bed; one of my most favorite things ever :)

5 things about me. I've seen lots of people do this, and I think it's a good idea to spread out the love. SO every Monday I will write 5 things about me. Here it goes:

1. I am originally from Virginia. A (I guess not so) little (anymore) town, Culpeper. About an hour south of DC, hour north of Richmond. I love and miss it, but LOVE Raleigh, and think I'll probably be staying in this neck of the woods for awhile.

2. Both my parents, my older sister, and I, and currently my 'little' brother all attended boarding highschools. Not because we were sent off, but because we lived out in the middle of nowhere and our parents wanted the best education out there.

3. I am still working on completing my teaching license, hopefully working something out with Meredith to get it wrapped up in the next year.

4. My father's family is from Sweden. It is a dream of mine to go there and meet all my extended family. I can read Swedish and apparently "have a great tongue for the language" but have no idea what I'm readin 99.94% of the time.

5. I drive a Volvo!!!!! Her name is Parker and I love her dearly. She is getting up there in years, but I hope to have her around for awhile longer. And no, I have NO shame in naming my car :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dance the night away!!!



Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have a crush...

It is an unlikely crush. It is certainly not my typical boy crush. I just think he is so adorable I can't help myself. AND after last nights performance, YES on American Idol, he officially clinched my 'Crush of the Moment' title; David Cook!!!!!

So, I don't know how to put a video box in, so here is a link to his performance from last nights show... Try it, you'll like it

But maybe I should divert my attentions away from the tv, and back to Raleigh and my attainable love life (or lack there of)...... well, maybe tomorrow :) Right now, I'm enjoying the fact that David is safe for another week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A big day....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER!!!!! 28 and doing great!! (Yep, that is as cheasy sounding as I thought)


Happy Tax day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (phew, online tax filing accepted by IRS, email confirmation this morning)


Guilty pleasure #29384: American Idol.... ok ok, hear me out. I mostly like the part when there are only people that can actually sing. I get a kick out of hearing someone sing, that I don't know, they aren't famous, who knows if they're actually gonna make it, and they give me goose bumps. Is that weird? I didn't get goosebumps tonight until David Cooke (I think that's his name). He sang last and just blew it out of the park: and it was MARIAH CAREY NIGHT!!!!! I mean, the best singer on Mariah night was a guy. Who would've thought. OH so many memories when hearing those songs; Hero and ummm, yea, I don't know the names of songs, but you know what I'm talking about! If only I had that cassette tape anymore!!!!! Is this what our parents were like with 8 tracks?? Are cd's going to become a thing of the past too and its all digital???? But Mariah, you make me happy with your ridiculous falsetto and all over the place, however in the world you do it singing.... You go Glenn Coco!!!!!

Bless MY heart!!!

I am sitting here, with what I believe to be the beginning of a migraine (like I should be staring at a computer, but I needed a Miss T teacher moment away from kids) and frankly, all I can think about is how I have not had a mint julep yet this year. We've had many warm beautiful spring days and I'm getting so excited for full blown spring weather. I may need to go get my julep cups from White Oak, polish them up, and get them ready for the season. Anyone care to join???

Thursday, April 10, 2008

officially progressed.....?

I was tagged to list 6 unimportant things about myself by Some Like it Southern and Magnoliabelle!! YAY!! For some reason, I decided to check this and start it at 11:30 pm. If you knew me at all, you would know that 11:30 pm is normally a time reserved for the back of my eyelids.. SO, I am yelling at myself to stop, reminding myself that I can do this another, more rested time of the day when I don't have to be at school in less than 8.5 hours... SO, here's just a tease

RULES:1) you link back to the person who tagged you.
2) post these rules on your blog.
3) share six unimportant things about yourself.
4) tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5) let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs

1. I have 2 middle names: Louise, because they liked the way it went with my first name, creating a double name if you will & 'Littler'... because it's family, and apparently I just had to have 1 family name. and it's pronounced like Hittler.. Not smaller than, but Lit - Ler... but atleast I'm not as bad as my brother.. he has 3 middle names for a total of 5.. God be with him at his highschool graduation.. what were my parents thinking.. gotta love 'em

Who I am tagging: hmmmm barefoot probably ;-)

to be continued........


2. I was born almost 2 months early. Not even 5 lbs. Supposedly because of that my nails, toe and finger, were not formed completely and are very very thin and teeny. I got fake nails once (see #6) and they could find a base nail that was small enough to fit my pinky and had to cut one in half.. I was so embarrassed.

3. When I chew, I chew on one side of my mouth, then switch to the other. Apparently that is weird. Who knew???

4. I was supposed to be 5'10'' according to the baby charts the doctors do when you're a baby. I'm 5'5'' (and a half!). Somebody got my hopes up big time.. jerks ;-)

5. I type really fast. I'd like to thank Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing circa 6th and 7th grade.

6. I bite my nails. I have bit my nails for as long as even my parents can remember. One of my favorite all time pictures is of me, on my U-10 soccer team, in the middle of the field, mid-game, biting away at one of my nails. Talk about a nervous habit. Anyone found good ways to kick the habit??? I've tried just about everything. I just want to be able to get a manicure!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

And we're back...

Sorry about the extended absence. One of the (many) joys of being a teacher, is still having spring breaks and summer breaks. Spring break is short enough that you don't feel guilty not doing something productive because alas, summer break is just too long for me to be able to afford doing nothing. I am still in search of a summer job, so if you have any ideas, please let me know!!

My spring break consisted of many things. It started off with a bang with a bridal shower (that I started to plan but then the actual Maid of Honor realized that she should probably step in and she took over). It was a sweet little bridal shower, though painfully awkward at times. I'm pretty shy and socially deficient most of the times, but I broke out of my shell and tried to make the best of it. It's just so hard when you have enough people from so many different strokes of life that, though they have the bride in common, have nothing in common. You have the childhood friends, the college friends, the parents, the family friends, the post-college friends. Though you may all know of each other to an extent, when thrown in a room together, it can get bad. BUT you make the most of it and just focus on the positives and think of all the great times to come. And let me tell you, I can not wait until this wedding. She is the best bride ever and I have loved being a part of all of it. It is May 4th at Celebrations at the Bay. It is an all inclusive place just south of Baltimore and looks amazing. The wedding will hopefully be outside overlooking the bay, but if need be because of weather we can move inside, no biggie. It may seem like a huge amount to give to just one person, but it is providing absolutely everything. I think thats an awesome way to go if you're planning a big wedding all on your own. I CAN'T WAIT!!

The rest of my spring break consisted of me stealing the above Bride for a whirlwind tour all over Virginia. She loves coming to my parents house in middle of nowhere VA (Culpeper) and just vegging. But that is not what we did. Each morning we were up and at 'em early with grande plans for the day. In the course of 3 days we went hiking, went to Luray Caverns, explored the little town (Sperryville) where I grew up, went all over Culpeper and saw the sights, and had a very impromptu spur-of-the-moment trip to Williamsburg to visit our Alma Mater and see some friends. All in all it was exhausting but so much fun. Being able to have that much time with one of my bestest before she gets married, have a chance to take her away from all the stresses and just not worry about the RSVPs for a minute.. it was definitely worth it.

Before this wedding in early May, I have one of my other bestests bridal weekends here in Raleigh. We have lots of fun activities and whatnot planned, and obviously I know my way around the Raleigh bars, but does anyone have some hidden little gem that would be a fantastic place to go with a large bridal party and friends group?? SARAH, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT READING ANY OF THE COMMENTS!!!!! :-P