Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So you would think for as long as I've had this blog, that I would've reached 200 posts before now. Unfortunately, I am a roller coaster blogger; I come, I go, I'm active, I'm MIA. It happens.

I like to make lists. The process of crossing things off of a To-Do list may be one of my all time favorite activities. It really solidifies that somethings is complete. So I thought, in a very public (for all 3 people that might still read this) way, I will make a to-do list, then come back here and cross it off. I'll add a new page and put the list on there so I can easily access it and edit it but I will write it here. This to-do list is all under the assumption that I will have a job and the 1st day of school is August 25th. So I am giving myself 35 days to complete this list or...... well, I suck.

1) Grow out nails... I really need to stop biting them... again
2) Lose 8 lbs.... I mean seriously, I have a treadmill in my room and a pool 10 yards from my front door, no freaking excuses here
3) Visit the parents in VA
4) Organize closets.. all of them.. yes, even the one underneath the stairs
5) Paint bathroom... I think... or kitchen... haven't decided yet.. perhaps both

Now, that is 5 weeks, 5 things to do. Shouldn't be too bad. We shall see how this goes.


McV said...

6. Let McV know when I might be in VA so she can try to come down and say hi...

I just got my first "lap-swimming" swim suit! Haven't been to the pool yet of course...

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