Monday, September 5, 2011

I love 3 day weekends

Unemployment + phone call/interview/job offer in 1 day + 2 days off in 15 days = LOVING MY 3 DAY WEEKEND.

Weight: lost 2 lbs.. this is after gaining 3 the first week I joined the gym, so not sure how that all works out but I have lost 2 lbs from my original starting weight. No noticeable difference except the wonderful fact that I miss the gym when I don't go and I definitely feel better about myself. So I'm loving it

Nails: grown out! Once I get payed (which wont be until the 15th, damn you Wake County) I'm treating myself to a fabulous mani/pedi. I can't wait!

Visiting parents: never happened. But I'm planning on going up to HSC the weekend of the 17th for the first home game to see the lil bro and the parents. Trying to make more family time

Painting: all accomplished! I have a fun project for the dining nook though which I will be taking pictures of as I do them. I'd like to thank the flea market and KR for the motivation and inspiration.

Closets......... well, whatever. Not like anyone but me sees them anyway