Sunday, July 31, 2011

11 days in

- NO progress on the growing out nails situation. I think the stress of trying to date someone new, being unemployed (still), and generally just being in a rut, this one is going to take some extra effort

-Weight: 1 lb lost!? Might just be that I haven't eaten much today.. hmmm, damn

-Closets: WELL, I've looked long and hard at the closet downstairs. The closets in my room (I have 2) are coming along great! The smaller closet is very organized right now with shoes, jackets hanging, sweatshirts, sweatpants, fleeces, etc on the shelf, bathing suits in basket, and socks and scarfs, pashminas, etc all in hanging shelves. The big closet is all organized, well, atleast everything that is in it so far. Even down to the fact that dresses are organized by sleeve length and/or designer; Maggy London, Lilly P, etc. Honestly, it has never been this organized and it fully makes me realize just how much clothing I unnecessarily have. Which is why I also have a very large bag full of clothes I'm getting rid of. I did a 'Spring Cleaning' a few months ago but I am straight up purging now. I've given up hope on so many of my clothes that "I'll fit into again one day" and I'm just getting rid of them. So I'm looking at you Junior League of Raleigh ladies, if you want some stuff for the Bargain Box, I won't be hanging onto it long.

- I was planning on going up today to see the fam for a few days, but then I got a babysitting job for Tuesday morning, and I'm watching the B family again from Thursday to Sunday. Maybe the following week. I'm worried it keeps getting put off that I won't get to it, but even if it's just a weekend, I'm going.

- Downstairs bathroom is painted. I need to go back in and touch up the trim but I love it. AND the kitchen is painted! I've painted the backsplash and realized I hated that the cabinets weren't actually white.... so... now they are!! Still a work in progress. When both are finalized, pictures will be shared.


Southern Sunshine said...

Progress made! Congrats! As for weight loss, I'm in the same boat. My husband has been on a strict diet and lost 18 pounds. Me, same diet, not lost a pound. How does that happen!? Advice for the nails: go get a shellac manicure -- having them all polished helps to not bite them! I went to Cameron Nails at CV.

Cameron said...

Totally bite my nails all the time too... hate that habit!!!! I'm about to put that bitter stuff on them like a 5 year old who needs to quit sucking there thumb... MISS YOU!!!

McV said...

You painted your cabinets?! I'm so impressed! We started painting ours and, well, we started and thats's about as far as we got.

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