Monday, September 29, 2008

Home sick...

I am home sick today with a lovely little stomach bug. It is actually neither lovely, nor little. It's been going around school and I thought we were in the clear. When I told a friend I was home, they felt I needed a teacher pick-me-up. It does make me chuckle...... Hope you all have wonderful Mondays AND, trying to reinforce my new mantra of being positive and finding the silver lining in ALL that life hands me; here's to a shorter week, and maybe losing a lb. or 2 :)

You Know You’re a Teacher When…
You repeat everything you say to your friends at least five times.
You think of the new year starting in August.
You tell your friends to spit out their gum.
Your favorite place to shop is the teacher’s bookstore.
You can eat an entire meal in 20 minutes or less.
The neighbor’s trash looks like something you can recycle for your classroom.
You count all your Valentine Day cards and smile.
You pick up a handful of napkins in a restaurant.
Your wardrobe is covered in paint.
You wake up in the middle of the night and say, “Who’s talking?”
Other people joke that it must be nice to have three months of vacation.
You are afraid to take a sick day because the sub doesn’t know your kids like you do.
Johnny swears and you smile because it was a grammatically correct sentence.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Rosh Hashanah!!! I am off this afternoon to drink some beer, watch some football, and celebrate the new year!!! This will be my first Rosh Hashanah dinner, celebration, what-have-you.

As a side note, Bar Boy, though the date was wonderful, we're just not sure. I'm just used to guys that are confident, perhaps a tad cocky. I'm not used to feeling like I make the first moves. I'm not saying I'm over it, but sometimes a girl just needs a strong guy that gives direction. I know I don't have to explain, because I think most girls out there get what I'm saying. I get that he's shy and a bit more reserved than other guys from previous 'relationships'. But I'm shy. I'm reserved. This will either be fun for me, or just irritating. Let's hope for the first. BB is a great guy, a really nice guy, but I'm thinking I need him to step it up and not seem like a lost little puppy calling me every 30 minutes from 11:30pm to 2AM, not leaving messeges. I just hope I'm not holding him up to stupid expectations... but a girl shouldn't settle either??? UGH, I am such a girl, stop analyzing and just have fun and do what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, thanks, good talk ;-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


perfect outfit: check
fantastic hair: check CHECK
sufficient buzz: check check check...check
leftovers: yummm

kiss g'night:......... a lady never tells ;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1st date, help me!!!

Ok, remember a few posts back where I not so casually suggested everyone should make out with a boy in a bar?? Well, it has taken Bar Boy this long to ask me out on a legit date. I picked the location, because if I'd left it up to him, who knows how long it would've taken to pick a place. It's a place I'm very comfortable, great food, great atmosphere, sort of home turf... BUT WHAT DO I WEAR!!!! Here's the kicker of a day I have. Early release at school, which means meetings ALL afternoon. Followed up with a game at 5:15, thankfully home, in the freaking pouring rain they're calling for all afternoon. Then I'm supposed to hightail it home, shower, look gorgeous in something, by 745 for dinner and drinks. DAMNIT GREY'S ANATOMY PREMIER!! AHHHH!

Do I go casual, nice dark jeans, kitten heels, cute top and sweater/jacket with fun jewelery?

Do I go super sexy and snazz it up, this is a first date (but hello, we made out like teenagers in a bar, and I was wearing my super sexy dress... been there, done that?)

HELP HELP HELP.. This is Thursday night ladies, tomorrow, I am dating deficient.... What do you wear on 1st dates??

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Highs of life

I had the pleasure last year to work with a woman that truly changed my perspective, not only teaching, but on life. One thing she instilled in me, is the idea of realizing and embracing the 'highs' that life hands you. Whether it be completely out of the blue or hard-fought, these highs are reminders of who you are, and what you do with it. I have two areas in my life that I feel blessed to be a part of. Teaching and coaching. Here are my two most recent 'highs'.

Jennifer (names have been changed) is a beautiful young lady in my Kindergarten class. She is the sweetest thing, big smile, polite, caring, kind, everything you would hope for in a young lady (at the age of 5). Jennifer has a twin sister, as well as 3 older siblings all living with their very hard working, loving single mother. Yesterday, Jennifer comes running up to me waving her paper in my face. After I calmed her down to ask what all the commotion was about, I had to fight back the tears. She was beaming, pointing to her name at the top of the paper. It was perfect. Capital J, lower case e-n-n-i-f-e-r. Beautiful; and she knew it. She said, and I quote "This is the first time I have ever written my own name all by myself. No one had ever taught me to do that before. Thank you Ms. T"...... And as I'm fighting the urge to tear up now, I hope you see how this is a Teacher High. This is why I do what I do. I have changed this girls life, and whether she remember me in 20 years or not, I was there for that moment, and have helped shape her future. Seems silly for a teacher to need reminders of that, but sometimes you do.....

Though running from school to get to practice with my highschool girls is exhausting some days, it's days like today, that makes it all worth it. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't just because we won. Or because we beat an undefeated team.. that was (key word WAS) currently ranked #1 in the state. It was because I knew we could beat this team. We looked at last years game, we looked at the games they had played thus far this year, we worked on certain plays, we did team bonding games, we worked hard and got these girls psyched up for this game and went in knowing we were as prepared as we could be. We went into this game knowing we would play our best. And they did. I have never seen, an entire team, every single person whether on the field or on the sidelines give it their all like these ladies did. Half way through the game, I turned to the other coach and said it doesn't matter if we win or lose this game, I will tell them how proud I am of them. When halfway through the 2nd half, AP scores off a stroke, I nearly burst into tears. The looks of joy, the screams of camaraderie and excitement. I took a moment to take it all in; to look at the girls on the field beaming and ready to finish and put an end to this team, at the girls on the sidelines cheering their teammates on, the JV girls putting their heads together to do a cheer, the parents across the field clapping and jumping up and down. Here I was, right in the middle of all of it, and at that moment, I could not have been happier anywhere else. That, not the win (but way to go Saints!!), is my Coach's High.

Yes, I get payed to do both these jobs, and I'm not looking for praise or anything of the sort, but I feel blessed to have a passion for something in which I get to help others grow and build as people. Whether it be a challenging class full of high needs students, or a team down on it's luck or in a rebuilding year, I feel many people can miss out on the 'highs'. I have been so stuck on things in my life lately that have, well, I guess they've been lows, that I'm glad I can get my head out of the mud and take in these highs for all their worth, and go into each and everyday with a positive, ready for what life may bring attitude.

What are your highs?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wanna get Goat faced at the shit Bar???

Check out the specials :)

You know you wanna................ So what are you doing tonight?

Here's to starting the week off right!!!

Had a wonderful evening full of old friends and then went to The Bar and met up with R&WP and WIDD. It was SO crowded after the big Wolfpack win!!! I haven't seen The Bar like that in quite awhile. I tried with no success to find someone, even with constant texting and standing on my chair. We finally gave up and just chatted on the phone for a bit after we left for home. I'll tell you more about him another time :) But it's so fun the people you run into and didn't know were there, and yet you can't find the people you came to meet up with!! Haha... Oh Raleighwood.. I heart you right now!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Three things Thursday

1) Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and love. It is very much so appreciated. I tend to put how I feel, my emotions, be it fears, joys, etc, on back burner to everyone elses. It was almost refreshing to be able to write it down and get support without even feeling like I had to search it out. Just by putting it out there, y'all were there for me. Thank you so much for reading.

2) We won our game today!! Saw some things we needed to work on, during half time we talked it over, got back out there and were really able to put on the pressure and pull out a 5-1 win. Sadly, AP, one of our very best girls, hoping to play in college and in the throws of recruitment, got her finger smashed, blood gushing, NOT GOOD. She called just a bit ago to say it's not broken, just really banged up, very swollen, and hurting. Better than being broken, but doesn't make me feel better about playing the state champions on Saturday. 1 of the 2 teams that beat us last year.. Grrrrrr

3) One of my besties is coming down this weekend, Ro!! She's the one that got married in June in Williamsburg. Her husband (still not used to that) is going to be at Duke for about a month (smarty mcsmartpants is at Georgetown Med). I know they will be busy busy getting him settled, but I sure do hope i get to see her.. Check her out! Nothing beats an old friend :) xoxoxoxoxo

PS: I'm still loving my class..... The week goes by so fast, and I look forward to each new day. Kindergarten is truly fun this year. HOORAY!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

getting by....

Life doesn't always turn out to be your fantasy. That's why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all.- Carrie Bradshaw

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Prayer To Live With Grace

May we discover through pain and torment,
the strength to live with grace and humor.
May we discover through doubt and anguish,
the strength to live with dignity and holiness.
May we discover through suffering and fear,
the strength to move toward healing.
May it come to pass that we be restored to health and to vigor.
May Life grant us wellness of body, spirit, and mind.
And if this cannot be so, may we find in this transformation and passage
moments of meaning, opportunities for love
and the deep and gracious calm that comes when we allow ourselves to move on.

A dear friend of my parents passed away this weekend; Bailey. My mother and I, far too similar for our own good, butt heads a lot and had been in a phase of avoiding each other (yes, we live in different states). But it took me about 1 second to pick up the phone and call home when I heard the news. The hardest part is she is feeling guilty about not being a better friend when he had said he wasn't feeling well. She feels she should've called again, gone over, done something. The thing with growing older, is you have to grow up. Every day, more and more, I see how much my parents sacrifice and give to be parents. I've found my mother leaning on me in times of need an easier burden to bare. I don't mean to come across selfish or ungrateful, but I think everyone has those moments in life when the child is now taking care of the parent. I'm just saying I'm glad that I embrace this role reversal, and I'm honored that she does turn to me and that I am able to be there for her... though it isn't always easy....

I obviously was not as close to Bailey as my parents, but his passing has hit me in an a way I wasn't expecting. I hear his voice, in my head. I'm not sure if those reading this will now think me a little off my rocker, but I can't get it out. He would always make these stupid ridiculously dry sarcastic jokes that he thought highly funny and I would nervously laugh because I never had anything to say in response. But he always made me feel so welcome wherever we were, always made a point to introduce me to people so I never felt out of place. He was always so interested in me and what was going on my life. We would have wonderful conversations. Obviously not living at home anymore, the only times I really saw him was around holidays at parties and at horse races and point-t0-points in Virginia. I love that this is how I picture him, all decked out, surrounded by the beautiful countryside (bourbon in hand)... It is such a strange feeling to know I will never hear his voice or see him again.. He will be missed.

RIP Bailey

And please pray for Dr. Cook, and all those hoping and waiting for his health to improve.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 more thing

I got a very fun email from a friend the other day entitled 'My South' but it took me until tonight to catch up and read through emails. This email made me remember something from the other day that I have wanted to share, but I've been awful about posting. As you know, I am coaching Varsity field hockey at a local private school. This is my 2nd year and though very different from last year, I'm still LOVING it and have enjoyed getting to know the girls better this year. Just like teachers (don't let them lie to you) I have a few favorites. One of them, we'll call her G, just cracks me up and she doesn't even try to. On top of it all, I think she'll grow to be a beautiful young woman, so smart, hard working, and one of her most stand out characteristics, is respect. Respect for her team/peers, her surroundings, adults, everone and everything. She never lets anyone be last alone, she always makes sure the equipment is taken care of, she thanks us coaches at the end of every practice, drive to and from a game, or any team outing. When giving her a reminder about positioning during a game down in Kinston the other day, in the middle of the game, G not only verbally acknowledges me, but says "yes ma'am, thank you!" and runs off to steal the ball yet again. (Now, don't get me wrong, she's cool. All the other younger girls idolize her and she's friends with everyone. So don't go thinking she's a dork!) One of the girls on the sideline says something and when I asked her to what she said, she couldn't understand why G always said yes ma'am, thank you ma'am, etc. She thought it seemed akward and just weird. I just sorta stared at this girl, because I couldn't quite understand what she was asking. WHY? Why did G respond respectfully at all times to someone 10 years her senior (eek) who is in an authority position? Not knowing how or why I would need to explain it, I simply asked this girl where she was from again. When she said 'New Jersey', I simply turned around and said, "Then you just wouldn't understand". In my South, that's just what you do. Oh, and G, she's from North Carolina :)

Tis the season

Yesterday one of my fellow Kindergarten team members was sent home as she had little to no voice left and felt like poo. All this week we have seen kids dropping like flies. It's scary when you see the colds and flues start spreading around campus. So I had decided to go this morning to the local pharmacy and stock up on some preventative measures. Scarily enough, I woke up with a scratchy throat, a bit of a cough, and really congested. Sweet. So I'm wandering the aisles of Rite-Aid desperately looking for my Airborne, when I see not one, not two, but three ladies standing around holding bottles of Airborne, Emergen-C, and Germ Defense. I decide to join the conversation. Let me introduce you to the group, a Kindergarten teacher (me), a 1st grade teacher, a 4th grade teacher, and a preschool teacher . Not a single one of us work at the same school or knew each other and yet there we were. A couple weeks into school though, I shouldn't be surprised. OH the price we pay. SO, what is your preventative measure of choice? I'm serious; as I left today with all three because for the life of me I just couldn't pick one (and 2 of the 3 were 50% off), I'd like to know what works best for y'all out there. So is it

A) Airborne (and who knew how many flavors there were now!)

B) Emergen-C (classic go-to)

C) Germ Defense (a new one in my book, but preschool teacher SWORE by it but she just likes the easy to swallow pill, not the dissolve in water tablets)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gonna be a big day folks!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain or shine, hurricane or tornado (maybe not tornado, but you get the idea).......


Bring it on Wolfpack... Though I may not be going in full Tribe Pride paraphernalia, I will have a little momento upon my person so I can prove my love for the Tribe. Unfortunately I'm going with a bunch of State fans, using a State student ticket.... Oh well, get in how you can, right :)

I love football season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the road again.....

OH so many things to talk about. Let me count them for you......

1) The field hockey team looked great today! Won 8-0 and we showed a great game to the App State coaches who were there recruiting my girls! Woop woop!

2) Had all the babies today in Kindergarten. For anyone that knew me last year, and my hyper-active student/horrid parent class, let me assure you, that this year, is going to be OH so much better. They are so sweet and calm and absolutely adorable. I know, first day, but still....

3) moving... yep... again... yep, only been 2 months.... yep...

4) My baby bro really wants to go to Hampden-Sydney. It's gotten so expensive and my parents just don't know what to do. I know we'll figure it out, I'm just at the point in my life where I wish I could help. He's 8 years younger than me, part of me feels responsible for his future. Anyone else have younger siblings like that?

5) Maybe entirely innappropriate, and I apologize and please don't judge, but let me tell you, make out with a boy in a bar just once, I mean, really make out. It's so much fun :)

6) and last but certainly not least, it's time to touch up the hair (yes, I'm a blonde, but this aint natural). However, I've been contemplating going darker, as in perhaps a tad not blonde. I just can't bring myself to say I'd dye it brown, cuz once you go blonde, I dont know how you go back. Anyone done it? I need to keep talking it up, I'm a wuss.. But seriously, I've been 'contemplating' this idea of (eeek) brown for like years... I'm told I can pull it off... and I guess I can dye it back.. See, this is what I've been saying for ever!!!