Saturday, October 27, 2007

again with the what-if

So my field hockey team lost yesterday. Because we lost it became the last game of the season. We were in the state tournament and we lost to Charlotte Latin (again in triple over time to strokes - like penalty kicks in soccer). I firmly believe, not just because I'm the coach, that we were the better team. but oh well, i suppose. Coming into this season I never expected the team to come together like this. I never expected us to be Conference Champions and go into the state tournament the #3 seed. In the end though, I expected us to go all the way and I feel a little cheated. I also never thought, that after just one season of coaching, I would be crying when trying to get the little speech after the game. I dont think a single girl on the team wasn't crying. I don't think it's because we're all girls we were crying. But when you work so hard for something and you know it could've all been yours, but instead just 20 yards away someone else is celebrating. Once again, on the long drive back from charlotte, a solid 3 hours in the rain and the dark, i played over and over the 'what-if' game. what if that ref, instead of coming up to me after the game and explaining that he missed the call, had actually called the foul on my player that had the break away in the 2nd overtime sudden death period so she would've gotten the ball at the top of the circle with only 1 defender. What if one of our all-state players hadn't had a hurt calf muslce (which now looks like she's torn it). What if...... In just one game, 74 minutes of one afternoon, I can play so many what-ifs. Imagine in life when you play that game.